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About Guided Connections

Guided Connections arranges customized trips for fly fishing and will combine other outdoor adventures such as birding, hiking & horseback riding with these trips. They design trips of a lifetime that are tailored to your interests. They know each of their offered destinations personally having spent years in Patagonia, and they have the best connections to advise & direct you if they have not been there themselves. This is a "hands on operation." Their specialty area and primary focus for the "winter months" is the southern region of both Chile and Argentina, known as Patagonia with some of the best trout fishing in the world. They also offer great eco- naturalist trips to northern Argentina that can be combined with freshwater dorado fishing destinations.  In addition to these destinations they provide guided connections in the Rockies throughout the North American summer.

Patty Reilly and Tito Saenz Rosas, guide, artist, and grandson of  Jorge Donovan, in the Esteros de Ibera Marsh from the Pira Lodge, Argentina. Guided Connections is owned and operated by Patty Reilly, a veteran professional fly fishing guide & river runner of 30 years having guided in Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Alaska a multitude of seasons in Argentina Patagonia. She has fished numerous North American waters in various locations along with fishing trips to Chile, New Zealand, the Bahamas, Mexico, Belize and Africa. She has been featured in fishing related magazines and articles, ESPN, and recently in Field and Stream and the book Castwork.

(Photo above: Patty Reilly and Tito Saenz Rosas, guide, artist, and grandson of  Jorge Donovan, in the Esteros de Ibera Marsh from the Pira Lodge, Argentina.)

Patty makes her home in the Rocky Mountains of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Patty's years of guiding and exploring in Patagonia and the Rockies make her uniquely qualified to arrange that special trip you've always dreamed about. In the course of her 30 years in the field she has had the great fortune to meet and work with the best folks in the outdoor business. It is these connections that allow her to provide the very best services for angling, birding, and nature trips.

Patty's first visit to Patagonia in 1978 was combined with sojourns to other South American countries. With fly rod in hand she fell in love with the rivers, trout fishing and the awe inspiring scenery and wildlife of Patagonia. She and an associate returned the following year to begin the first guided river rafting company in Argentina that included fishing trips. Several years later they sold the company, and Patty continued to return annually to guide fishing, lead trips, and explore new areas in this huge region of the South American continent.  Her connections to the best lodges, outfitters, guides and remote backcountry hideaways are extensive. Having a piece of her heart in Patagonia, Patty enjoys introducing people to this wonderful area of the world.

The Rockies remain as home base for Patty Reilly and Guided Connections where she continues to organize trips, guide, and teach men and ladies fly fishing schools. Guided Connections can easily arrange any fly fishing trips you have in mind for the region and also give you a few new ideas you may not have considered.

Please Note

In order to keep some of our locations exclusive we have chosen not to list all of our destinations.  If you are interested in our arranging the trip of a lifetime for you please read on and then give us a call.


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