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Fly Fishing Argentina

Bariloche Vicinity

Bariloche Activities & Destinations
Fishing the Bariloche Vicinity
Estancia Fortin Chacabuco/Rio Limay

Rio Manso Lodge

Fly Fishing the Surrounding Bariloche Area
There are many rivers to fish within close proximity to Bariloche including the Traful, Manso, Pichi Leufu, and Lagos Hess, Los Moscos, Guillelmo, Mascardi and Roca. Although close to Bariloche they are well off the beaten path. A few of these rivers are in the open steppe to the East and many are in the heart of the Nacional Park Nahuel Huapi. Waters in the Park originate from the glaciers in the Andes and are incredibly pure and drinkable! This wide array of rivers allows the fisherman a choice to fish where, and when, the right conditions provide the best chance for success.

Our outfitters in this area offer daily fishing trips from Bariloche on foot or floating. Extended trips of several days or a weekly package north or south of Bariloche are the favored option for anglers. These trips allow the visitor to fish several different waters and enjoy different locations. The majority of the rivers our outfitters fish are secluded, full of rainbows and brown trout, and see few anglers.

The varied terrain and habitats close to Bariloche are wonderful places to visit for the non-angler as well as the fisherman. There are hidden waterfalls, glaciers, and beautiful nature hikes and horseback riding through the Nahuel Huapi National Park. The scenery is outstanding and the visitor is often surrounded by Arrayanes trees and towering forests of Coihue, or Southern Beech that can grow to over 100 feet. The bird life and the natural flora of this temperate zone are quite special. One can experience the true feel of the Andean Cordillera!

Accommodations are in lovely family owned and operated lodges that will offer you an authentic Argentine experience. Most are classically rustic, with good lodging and food and great ambiance. These locations are relatively close to Bariloche but extremely pristine. A visit to them can fit in easily with any other travel plans you might have in mind for this part of Argentina. The founder of Guided Connections first explored and fished these waters over 20 years ago. She and her partner were owners of the first outfitting company to obtain permission from the National Park to float the Rio Manso in 1980. This area of the cordillera remains as lovely, and with as great of fishing as it was back then. Yes, some things do not change!

Daily float trips from Bariloche are available for $425-450/day for two anglers.

Bariloche Activities & Destinations
Fishing the Bariloche Vicinity
Estancia Fortin Chacabuco/Rio Limay

Rio Manso Lodge

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