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Fly Fishing Argentina

Estancia Fortin Chacabuco & the Rio Limay

Bariloche Destinations
Fishing the Bariloche Vicinity
Estancia Fortin Chacabuco/Rio Limay

Bariloche is located within the continental watershed with its northern rivers flowing towards the Atlantic, while the southern rivers flow to the Pacific. The crystal clear Rio Limay flows east from the Lago Nahuel Huapi towards the drier steppe land. Though it can be a difficult river to fish it is known to yield huge fish in the 10 lb. plus category, both rainbows and browns. A day floating and fishing this river with a guide can be worthwhile especially in the fall months of March and April. Private access to Patty Reilly with a huge "boca" brown trout14 km of the Limay is possible for fishing a day or an evening of walk wading. This water includes various great fishing sites, some of international fame such as “the count’s pool,” “Rincon Chico Pool” and the mouth of the Chacabuco stream.

The Rio Limay also has a fishable “boca,” or mouth of the river, and one can succumb to “boca fever” as Ernie Schwiebert described it. Many of the truly big fish come out of the headwaters of rivers flowing from lakes in Argentina and these are the “bocas.” They can drive a fisherman crazy as boca fishing is unpredictable, but they can often yield trophy-sized fish for the skillful and lucky angler. Our outfitters in this area are all bilingual guides and great outdoorsmen. They are excellent guides and very good teachers for those new to the sport of fly fishing.

Estancia Fortin Chacabuco is located on the Rio Limay. This estancia is in the transitional zone between the precordillera and the steppe. It has two well- defined geographical areas. The steppe gives panoramic views of Bariloche, the Nahuel Huapi Lake, Cerro Tronador and the Limay River, whereas the forest zone consists of varied terrain with canyons, rock formations, streams and marshes. The horseback riding here is great! This estancia continues to be a working ranch while it offers theseCerro Tronador other activities of fishing and horseback riding excursions. They have excellent horses and their extensive property is full of wildlife. The horse pack trips here are considered to be the best in the area. Fortin is just a 30 minute drive from Bariloche so the visitor can visit for a day or opt to have an extended stay by overnighting in their lodge and having a taste of Argentine hospitality. A stay here allows the visitor to observe first hand the life and character of an estancia in this region.

A variety of activities can be arranged at this Estancia so call for more information.  Below is a general guideline for pricing.


Bariloche Destinations
Fishing the Bariloche Vicinity
Estancia Fortin Chacabuco/Rio Limay


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