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Fly Fishing Argentina


Visiting the Esquel area is like stepping back in time. This zone of Argentina is beautiful with snowcapped mountains and gin clear waters. It is no wonder that the outlaws Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid made their hideaway home here, as it is so remote and reminiscent of the scenery of our Rocky Mountain States.

The population of this region is low - except for the trout! The towns are widely separated and facilities are scarcer and more rustic than the fishing regions to the north. The land consists of open vistas of the steppe and old growth forests of beech, alerces and arrayanes trees that are all unique to this area.

Fly Fishing along the Rio GrandeLos Alerces National Park encompasses much of the water of this zone and is one of Argentina’s most scenic national parks. Los Alerces is the headwaters of the river system of the Rio Grande, which flows through the cordillera into Chile where it takes the name Rio Futaleufu. This is a tremendous watershed that consists of small streams, lakes, inlets and rivers that combine to form this system, which eventually flows into the Pacific. These numerous lakes and rivers all have their own names and each warrant their own descriptions. They are full of brown and rainbow trout and a few like the Carrileufu and Rivadavia produce an occasional land-locked salmon.

There are a multitude of other streams and rivers in this zone. The Arroyo Pescado is known as one of Argentina’s premier spring creeks and the Corcovado and Rio Pico rivers and lakes produce some truly large fish.

Nico Martin and a nice Rio Pico rainbow troutWe work with several long established outfitters in this region. Each outfitter offers unique lodging, scenic settings and a variety of fishing waters. These folks provide the very best services in the area depending on what rivers are chosen to fish. Horseback riding and guided bird watching are also available.

This zone allows easy access for crossing the border into Chile and a trip may be extended by following this river system and fishing the Rio Futaleufu, Lago and Rio Yelcho and accessing other hidden Chilean waters. Participants can then carry on in Chile and eventually depart from Santiago. For more details to this area see the Fly Fishing Chile page. There are many options in the Esquel region and it is a wonderful zone to fish and explore.

Rivers to Experience: Rio Carrileufu, Rio Rivadavia, Rio Arrayanes, Rio Frey, Rio Grande & Rio Futaleufu,  Spring Creeks, Arroyo Pescado, Rio Hualjaina, Rio Chubut, Rio Corcovado, Rio/ Lago Pico and secret locations.

Rates: Average daily rate is $660/day per angler.

We can also arrange stays at hosterias in this zone that allow for daily excursions and other activities such as birding, riding, and hiking. Rates vary.

Getting to the Esquel Area
Flights from Buenos Aires to Esquel 3 times/week or ground transportation from Bariloche (4 hrs.) or from the town of Futaleufu in Chile.

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